• Competence

  • ITAR and Export License Requirements


    AoA will apply to the US State Department for a permanent export license for no additional charge. Please supply the following information to AoA as soon as possible as license approval will take 4-6 weeks.


    1. Foreign End User (Complete name, physical address and mailing address)

    2. Foreign Consignee (Company that will take possession of the armor during installation)

    3. Foreign Intermediate Consignee (if any)

    4. US Consignor (Your export company in the US that will ship the armor)

    5. Specific Purpose for the Armor (i.e. to protect crew and passengers from hostile fire).

    6. Purchase Order

    7. End User Statement: written statement on End User Letterhead, signed by end-user stating who they are, stating the intended use of the armor, and containing the following statement:

    “We understand that the above mentioned products are controlled for export by the United States of America, Department of State, and any other transfer, re-export, and re-sale of these armor systems requires the prior approval of the USA Government.”



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