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  • Ballistic curtains and blankets


    AoA provides complete ballistic (drape or curtain) systems to protect conference rooms, offices, embassies, machine rooms, vehicles parking spaces, special transportation trucks, etc.  All drapes, curtain or blankets are custom designed on site or built to print.

    Curtains – to protect interiors of buildings, such as machine rooms, bunkers, tactical operation centers (TOC), vehicle parking spaces, etc., from bomb/machine fragmentation and bullets.

    Coverings – to safeguard costly exposed equipment.


    Fragmentation Blankets –  Can be utilized in auto floors or seats or draped in an APC or troop transport truck. Cover for ammo dumps. Protection for military equipment and special transportation trucks from bomb fragmentation and bullets.

    The Ballistic Blankets and Curtains will provide Level – II, IIIA and Frag


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